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Ordering a product from Koorana Crocodile Farm .
The majority of our Koorana Crocodile Leather Skin Products are on a ‘Made to Order’ process. To commence your order we will first need you to complete our online email contact form below. Once received Koorana will respond to your enquiry / proposed order as soon as possible. Apart from the listed price of your choice of product we will need to calculate postage and shipping costs for not only domestic but also international deliveries. Also we need to establish yours and our preferred payment system.

You will need to completed certain fields in our email form to assists with the above detailing. You will need to include the Product Name, the Product Code No (the SKU), and if your desired product has an option for “colour” and “size” selections. May we suggest you make a copy of these details for insertion into the contact form before you commence your submission.

To email Koorana simply complete the email contact form below and we will answer your enquiry as soon as possible.
Our contact details are as set out below.
ADDRESS: …………..65 Savages Road, CoowongaQLD4702
PHONE: …………….. (07) 4934 4749
EMAIL: ………………. (use form to below)

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    PLEASE NOTE: Koorana will be back in touch with you asap re this enquiry or proposed order and if required will instigate the exchange of all details to conclude your order

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